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This is me.
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Date:2007-12-27 17:53
Subject:December 27th 2007

*waiting for my belly to grow* Who knew it was this long to make a baby? ;P

Made a playlist of classical tunes for Blanche today. She was kicking while I was listening to it. Made one of smooth songs too. Should be fun to listen to with her once she's here too.

Took the opportunity to clean up the files cabinet this afternoon. So much junk. Threw useless papers out and sorted the ones we need to keep.

Also, I was looking on the Internet for nice jazz music and I found St. Germain. I think I might just go purchase the CD tonight.

Oh, and, while sorting through the files, I found a gift certificate to a jewerler's that I believe is still valid. I thought I'd get Blanche a baby necklace with a locket. I've always loved those and said I'd get one for my daughter.

More snow today. I went out and shoveled.

Simon will be back from work in about 45 minutes.

Nothing special. Just writing down my day.

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Date:2007-12-25 00:00
Mood: giddy

Icon was proudly snagged from http://community.livejournal.com/dramaticons/17276.html#cutid1


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Date:2007-09-05 08:09
Mood: excited


*is on Facebook these days* You can see some of my wedding pics there.

Been busy with the wedding plans these last few months, work and everything else.

Just two days before the wedding, I had the most spectacular experience. I heard this wonderful sound. Something like 160 beats per minute. My baby's heartbeat.

Oh, by the way, I'm pregnant! *SQUEALS*

I'm due March 9th 2008.

*is so unbelievably happy* I'll know the sex in about a month. I'm in my 14th week now.

The wedding was the most beautiful day of my life. Everything went well. It was fantastic!

The honeymoon in Miami was nice and restful.

And now, we are home.

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Date:2007-04-20 19:48
Mood: chipper

Hey everyone,

Sorry it took this long to come back. I'm more on Facebook now then anything else with Uni and stuff eating away my free time.

How are my flisters?

(Nat, I send you an email. I'm sorry. *HUGGLES*)

Spring is definitely here. 24 degrees today with sunshine all around. YUM. My mood seems to be linked to the weather. When the weather is great, I'm great. When its cold and rainy, I feel like blah.

Cats are doing well. Tony is growing like a weed.

Simon is super. He's working a lot these last few weeks. We got our bikes out and we go to the gym with 'em now to preserve the environment and save on gas. Good times.

I have 3 exams left before I'm free. Summer will be delightful.

The wedding plans are done.

The honeymoon in Miami is reserved.

I'll try not to stay away too long this time. Seeya.

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Date:2006-07-21 09:39
Subject:Omega Park
Mood: crazy


This post is mostly for Nat. Girl, you better come to Canada soon!

Simon surprised me one day by bringing me to Omega Park. It's a wonderful place, I soon found out, because of the possibility to interract with our wildlife. Kinda like Australia Zoo. So, here are just a few of the numerous shots I took while squee-ing through this magical car ride through the park. Simon was laughing just looking at me.

Mama Bear and Cubs
Read more...Collapse )

Wild Buffalo
Read more...Collapse )

A Lone Wolf
Read more...Collapse )

Funny Goat
Read more...Collapse )

"You got carrots?!" asked Mr.Deer
Read more...Collapse )

"Get your nose outta my business, you Elk!"
Read more...Collapse )

Read more...Collapse )



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Date:2006-07-19 17:47
Subject:Pic madness
Mood: giddy

July 17th 2006. Simon proposed to me on our two-day camping trip and I said yes.

We had a blast (see pic below)

Man&NatureCollapse )

even if we got stuck in a wild storm at nightfall that cost us a paddle. We slept about 2 hours because of our tent not being water-resistant and wind-proof, but we had a beautiful day before that filled with swimming, sunshine and roasted marshmellows.

Here I am beside our canoe on our very private and small island:

MeCampingCollapse )

Here's my fiancé with his wicked car:

Simon&carCollapse )

Oh, and here are some rock climbing pics:

MeRockclimbingCollapse )

SimonRockclimbingCollapse )

Next update will be with pics of Omega Park up here in Canada where I'd like to take Nat to see our native animals.

See you around!

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Date:2006-06-30 07:23
Subject:"Every day..."
Mood: loved & happy

"Every day with you is like a day in heaven because you are my heaven." - Simon

Not much is new. We're still doing renovations around the house. The bathroom is almost finished and I was ripping out weeds yesterday while the boys were working inside.

The day before yesterday, while the plumber was here with a helper, the phone rang and since I was upstairs I answered. It was for Simon, not surprisingly, so I went to the stairs and yelled down: "Honey, telephone"

When he finished with the call, he came and kissed me atop my head saying that it was cute that I called him 'honey' (I do it all the time just not in front of people, I guess) Simon said: "I was downstairs and it was like 'oh yeah I've got a woman *aaand* she's calling me 'honey''.

He's probably going to work tonight so I'll have time to do some more cleaning up.

Mmm, gotta go...

talk soon!

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Date:2006-06-24 14:11
Mood: content

Simon is working a lot these days which is great because he hadn't done that many shifts these last few weeks. While he's at work, I clean and paint even though he tells me to just relax and enjoy the pool with my mom. It doesn't feel right; I want to contribute too in my own way too.

Mom just called and she wants me to go swimming so I guess I'll take a break.

CSIM rambleCollapse )

Have a good day all!

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Date:2006-06-23 18:11
Subject:Moved in

I've moved in with Simon two days ago. So far so good [laughs] I'm joking, of course. I couldn't be happier! Mom is having trouble imagining that I have left home. I need to get used to it myself, but nothing has changed really since I'm always at Simon's.


Lots of painting going on around here since Simon and I are selling his house and moving into an appartment.

Nothing new, really.

Talk later; my food is burning.

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Date:2006-06-14 07:56
Subject:I'm back, baby!
Mood: contemplative

June 6th.

Well, I'm back home in Canada.

I was terribly jetlagged after the 21-hour trip (done in 20-something hours) 10 days in advance because I was too homesick. I had a great welcome home from Simon (I leaped into his arms) and my parents who all came to greet me at the airport.
I talked for quite a bit about my trip and then washed up to go out to grab a bite to eat with Simon that night.

I had an awesome time in Oz. Stayed with Nat's family first (she picked me up with her friend Jess at the airport), then stayed in Sydney for 2 days and left for Brisbane for a week. Stayed with Lanah on that following weekend and then went back to Brisbane for one night to head back down to Sydney for my last week. I visited Australia Zoo (and the Koala Hospital), Brisbane's Botanical Gardens, Sydney Aquarium (shark tunnel was exhilarating), many Sydney museums (including a tour of Captain James Cook's vessel, submarine Destroyer and naval ship Vampire), in Sydney: The Rocks, Sydney Tower, Sydney Observatory, Darling Harbour, Circular Quay, Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Manly, etc.
Came back with quite a few things. Notably, a stuffed koala, t-shirts (gifts and one for me), over 200 pictures, an experience of a lifetime with train travel/hostels/visiting and, most importantly, the satisfaction that I made it... my childhood dream is completed.

What else?

Oh, um, Simon and I discovered that we truly are lovebirds because we both lost some weight (not having an appetite to eat while we were seperated) kinda like when we first met. It's strange. As you can imagine, we're more in love now than ever since my trip has made me so happy and stronger because I learned and grew from the experience and because being apart makes you see all that you have. It's not jealousy that makes you worry, it's the insecurity of losing your lover, because I felt like I had everything to lose with Simon. I do believe he's my soulmate.

Meanwhile, my sister is getting ready for her August wedding and Mom & Dad are doing renovations around the house.

I did think it was going to be warmer this time of year, but it was pretty chilly in Sydney (17 C) though warmer in Brisbane (23 C). The sun comes down early (around 5ish) and it plunges down into the lower teens just like in the morning so basically, I wasn't equipped for that sort of weather having brought shorts and tees. I ended up buying 2 sweaters and wearing layers and staying in my jeans for a great deal of the trip. That's the only thing I regret; not having comprehended the Australian winter.

June 14th.

I would have come home today if I had stayed in Oz for the last 10 days. Since I've been back, I've gone swimming in my pool with Simon, we went to the movies a few times, we went out to eat and we planned on doing a roadtrip next Monday/Tuesday to go shop in Montreal and see my grandma.
Simon started working at the Casino again so he's making good bucks, but the process up the ladder is slow so we're being patient. Meanwhile, we're doing a huge clean-up of his Dad's house to sell it. We want to move in an appartment together.

I got my grades. Almost all "A"s. I'm not working right now, but I am starting to look. Uni will start up again at the end of August so I should find something to do during the summer; volunteer work at the very least.

It's really nice out today so I'm gonna try to finish my job inside and then enjoy the sun.

Seeya mates!

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Date:2006-05-02 18:36
Mood: content

Whoa. I'm getting older by the second. Has it been THAT long since I've been here? ::double checks:: Yep.


Well, I'm seriously getting ready for Oz. I mean, I'm leaving in less than 2 weeks. It's scary and exciting at once.

I got 2 grades out of 5. Profs are taking their dear ol' time with correcting. I got an A in Philosophy of Psychology and an A+ in Geology.

Things are good. I'm leaving my job soon.

Things are great with Simon.

It was gorgeous out Sunday and yesterday so he and I spent those entire 2 days outside working in the yard, cleaning and planting flowers and such. He's going to have an immense flower bed. :D I brought some seashells I have kept for years from various trips and placed them in the garden. We drove into the woods to find nice-looking rocks and placed them throughout as well. His neighbors are envious. Hehe.

So, I got a tan. :) Also, I got to see him work without a shirt on... always a great picture. Oh, and I did take pictures. What? I'm going away to Oz for a month.. I need pictures of my bf to bring with me.

Hmm, that's pretty much what's new. The last two weeks were just about studying and exams.


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Date:2006-04-16 07:31
Subject:When the past meets the future...
Mood: bitchy

Two days ago, I'm in the bathroom when the phone rings at Simon's. He answers and, to my big surprise, it's for me.

I take my time, thinking it's my mom wondering when I'm going to come back home. :)

I pick up the phone and freeze. An accent. A Belgian accent.

Who is this?

My ex. My 5 years ago ex from Belgium who broke my heart (over the phone, no less) after 18 months saying that he had met someone else is calling me at my bf's.

OMG. How did you get this number? Why are you calling me?

He got my parents' number off the Internet and called them up to ask them for this one.

He thought I would be please to get news from him. He's calling to get some of my news.

I was very direct, with Simon in the kitchen smiling at my reaction: Look, I've moved on. The past is the past. No, I don't want you to call me. The last time we spoke was not on good terms. You didn't speak to me for all this time and now you'd want me to act as if nothing happened?

He gave me this sad story and then asked if he could call me back because his credit was going to end soon.

I'm sorry, but no, I don't ever want you to call me back.

Simon was all laughs. No jealousy whatsoever and I was like "I'm sorry you had to be brought into this. I'm sorry he called here."

True, I had no idea he was gonna call, but still.

Simon thinks the guy is going through his old contacts because he's desperate. Hmm. Maybe. But it's too late for me and I wouldn't take him back anyway. He's an obsessive, selfish, jealous, manipulative pervert and a real jerk. I had made peace with it and he had to bring the past up out of under the rug.

It did feel good, though. Not like revenge, but like having the opportunity to tell him off. I forgave him, but I never forgot.

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Date:2006-04-14 07:43
Subject:Follow up to my inquiry...
Mood: calm

First off, thanks for the ones who replied to my post. Letting me know your honest opinion was appreciated.

I have come to a decision that suits me (and my future baby) best.

I will wait until September (not this September, but the 2007 one) so as to get pregnant during my last year of Uni and having the baby in the summer of 2008.) I'll have at least one University diploma in hand and I'll be able to take a break before doing my Master's (which I had planned on doing anyway) if the baby is too time and energy-consuming. Simon will have finished his own studies and has agreed to be of financial support during that period until the baby is maybe 1 and I can go back to studying. And, when I find a job with what I have accomplished during my studies, I'll be of large financial support for my family.

1. I'll probably be living with Simon for a while by then (hopefully married)
2. I'll have something to get a good job, if needed
3. I won't necessarily have the pressure to continue on with my studies (I can take a year off like most Grad students do) and I won't be giving anything up
4. My parents will be happy, I think, because I'll have shown them that I stuck with my plan (dreams of becoming a psychologist and of travelling) before having a child (another one of my dreams)
5. Less stress on all fronts

I do have a few things to say, on behalf of certain mothers out there:

(And this is going to seem selfish, but really, you're a better mom if you have time for yourself) Yes, it may seem like your life is your children and the world may want it to be like that (hell, I don't even know what kind of mom I'll be), but you have to keep time for yourself so you don't crack under the pressure, so you can manage your frustrations and master your patience. So, not every waking second belongs to your child.

That is all.

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Date:2006-04-11 10:11
Subject:A baby?
Mood: pensive

I know I want kids. Eventually. But, the more time goes by, the more I feel it's a good idea to have them now.

Basically, I want one after my trip to Oz, but I'm just putting out all the wrong and right reasons to see if it's logical.

Yes, because:

-I'm sure I'll never love anyone more than I do Simon (But can I be sure he'll stick around through the pregnancy and after? Yes. Can I be sure he won't fall in love with someone else? Yes. -> Good. That's settled. I am not alone. I can trust my heart. My gut. My instincts.)
-I'm in my 20s ( = lots of energy to take care of a baby & it will be older (maybe 8 years old) once I start my career -> less stress)
-It's one of my dreams
-Simon agreed to be a financial support as well as emotional, physical (synonym to father)
-I'll have done the stuff I wanted before having a baby (Trip to Oz) ... hmm, what else do I want to do before? ::goes to check life list::


No, because:

-I'll have to study and be a mom at the same time - mom being a 24h job ( = stress)
-What will my parents say? ( = stress + fear)
-I still have a lot to learn ( = stress)
-I'm in my 20s (I still have a few years of fun left, no? Are babies fun? Am I still too selfish to take care of someone else? Will I regret it?)
-I feel a little bit of pressure from my entourage (aka Simon because he's getting old. ::shocked expression:: I know! It's insane!) and I shouldn't have a baby for this reason

::long sigh::

Back to work, Nath. Finish your home exam and stop daydreaming.

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Date:2006-04-11 07:13
Subject:Been a while...
Mood: awake

Well, my parents are back + I finished my classes for this semester = a lot of time at Simon's.

I'm in exam period, of course, but life is grand. So, I'm slowly moving in because I'm at that point in my life where I want freedom.
My dad lashed out at me a few days into his return home because I was using the computer. *HUH?* I told him very calmly that if he needed it, he just had to ask and I'd remove myself from the premises. Not sufficient, apparently because he shot back: "I'm sick of seeing you there, I don't want to see you anymore." I swear to God that's what he said. As always, with fights with my stupid father, I started to tear up (because (1) I'm scared to talk back and get kicked out of the house and (2) I try so hard to have some sort of civilized relationship with him). So, anyway, I took my things and left while he was going on about how I have a computer downstairs in my room. {Um, yeah, but it doesn't have Internet Access and we both have no idea why because we have a rooter and the thing freezes up on me every 5 seconds because it's a piece of crap so how am I supposed to do school projects on it without being interrupted 156 times, hmm?}
I cried. It felt good to relieve pressure. Obviously, this was none of my making. I went to Simon's and we talked it out. God, I love him.
I came back home a day later and my mom was sad that I hadn't come home in all that time because she said she had nothing to do with it. Yeah, well, I hope she had a little talk with her husband.

Why can't all men learn to control their tempers?

I'm so happy that Simon is the complete opposite of my dad. He never yells. Ever. He takes the time to talk about feelings and whatnot and he's always there for me, supporting me.

I had a talk with Mom about how it was a stupid reason for Dad to expel all his frustrations on me and that I'm sure he appreciated the fact that I scanned/faxed etc. stuff for them and took care of the household while they were gone. I could have just dropped everything because it's not my responsibility.

Something I've learned: We owe our parents nothing. Nothing but respect. They decided to have kids, they should deal.

::Diego jumps on my lap::

Hey cutie!

Cats always know when it's the right time to give a cuddle.

I really have to finish my home exam today. It's for next week, but I have 3 exams to study next week. So, there's my objective today and I better complete it or else.

Simon just learned I have a eljay because he wanted to know what I was up to. He said "I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't put personal info on the web. Anyone can read it."
Yeah, ok, but this is for me. Every entry is saved and organized by date and my online friends are the only one who know about it and read it. ::shrugs:: Besides, like everyone I keep some personal stuff I wouldn't tell anyone to myself. I reveal myself in layers with people and this is just one layer.

'kay, I'm gonna go.

Take care!

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Date:2006-03-30 21:36
Mood: happy

Simon got me flowers yesterday and invited me for supper. ::grin:: (He got me pretty little orange roses and 3 big red ones. They were beautiful and they still smell great.)

Then we went rock climbing.

::Ugh:: After my night at work, I don't want any kids. ::blech:: They're so abnoxious when they're older!

Tomorrow, I'm going to pick my parents up at the airport.

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Date:2006-03-25 21:10
Mood: good, good


Turns out my "stomach rash" is actually caused by a virus. I went to a clinic and that's what they told me. Apparently I have fever right now and my body has been fighting this thing for days. *shrugs* I feel fine.

So, anyway, that's good news for the nice smelling soap I got; I'm not allergic to it afterall!

God, work was sooo boring today. I can't wait to leave this friggin' job.

My parents are coming home in 7 days. *freaks out*

It was so gorgeous out today. :D

Ok, so I read Deb's Morning fic today because she asked so nicely and I had a few minutes to spare in my day. It was so sweet!

I've been thinking about going back to writing these past weeks. I really miss it. Maybe when I come back from Oz when I don't have school and work to think of. Yep, sounds like a plan. ;)

Well, I'm gonna go relax.


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Date:2006-03-22 10:55
Mood: hyper

HA! Everyone (my boss and my boss' father) wants to keep me, but I gave them 2 months notice that I'm leaving for good.

I need a better paying job. A job that'll challenge me. A job that will bring me closer to my goal of becoming a psychologist. My resumé is ready for my job hunt, but I'm gonna wait until I get back from Oz.

*glance* I'm still waiting for my tickets to arrive in the mail.

I rented What Dreams May Come the other night and it made me cry. Hmm, here's an interesting question: "What would your paradise be like?"

It would definitely have to be warm and sunny in mine. Simon would have to be there - that's for sure.

Oh, I tried the Satsuma soap from The Body Shop in the shower this morning and it gave me a pink rash all over my stomach. But it smells so good, darn it! *looks at belly* I hope it's not contagious.

I finished 2 Uni projects today. They're printed out so I can't retouch them anymore. Thank God 'cuz I go nuts with the 're-touching'. *makes face* It's this perfectionism crap.

Simon & I are doing great. He made me one of his famous milkshakes and we were sipping away in our PJs last night. Tonight, we're gonna watch a new ep of Lost together. :)

Omg, cna anyone tell me what the heck is going on with CSIM? Calleigh, as always, is a doll, but the rest of the cast... Ok, basically it's Horatio because he seems to have changed somehow. Or maybe I've changed. *scratches head* I know I'm starting to get used to Ryan which is a big deal. I still miss Speed, Susie, Madison, Yelina, Ray and Ray Jr. but, ya know. I dunno...

*looks out the window*

Ohhh, it's nice out today! This is great!

Alright, I'm gonna take off.

I do have a class today. :P

Take care everyone!

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Date:2006-03-20 16:37

Summer, summer, bring on summer!!

Ok, spring first, but closely after SUMMER!

I went shopping with my Sis today and bought a cute jeans skirt with a funky tee. I can't wait for it to be hot out so I can wear my summer clothes again. :D

I'm in such a good mood today. Nothing could go wrong! My boss called. I don't know what she wants, but I don't care. It's all good!

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Date:2006-03-19 08:06
Subject:So what?
Mood: bouncy

Yes, Coldplay was my first concert.

Yes, I'm still thinking about it 24/7.

Yes, I'm still hearing the songs in my head.

Yes, I'm still listening to the songs.

Yes, I'm still talking about it.

So what?


(Oh, btw, Nat, you left me a message on MSN that I could view 'cuz stupid MSN was being a jack*ss this morning. So, if it was important, let me know. [huggles])

Ok, so we didn't have the best seats at the concert (because I woulda been one of the groupies up front dancing and singing. I'd keep my shirt on, though. Lol. (It's not an Aerosmith concert).

*long lovely sigh*

It's so cool. Now, I know why so many people go to concerts. They're so luminous.

Hey, Coldplay made the front page in 2 newspapers this weekend. I read both articles at work. 15,000 people were there! :o At first, I thought 30,000 but that's a bit much... I tend to exaggerate when it comes to Coldplay. lol.


Other reason why I'm happy today: I got a fullbody massage last night from Simon. True, I had been hinting for a few weeks now, but it was still nice to get one even if I had to ask. See, I don't like asking, but I *love* massages so I figured "what the hell".

Kk, I should go get ready. I'm taking Simon out to breakfast. We do that every week. He drives, I pay, since he cooks for me once in a while (it's my way of paying him back).

Ooo, and rock climbing is on our schedule today. It's been a week since Simon was busy with school and I was sick with a cold.



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